wifi_interface.h: No such file or directory

  • I realize that this project doesn't seem to be alive any more (sadly) but hope someone can get me going again.

    I'm unable to build hello_world, with this error output:

    Compiling C++: app_controller.cpp
    In file included from /usr/local/openmono/mono/include/mono.h:70:0,
    from app_controller.h:8,
    from app_controller.cpp:2:
    /usr/local/openmono/mono/include/io/wifi.h:10:28: fatal error: wifi_interface.h: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.

    The thing is, that wifi_interface.h file is definitely where it's supposed to be, and /usr/local/openmono/mono/include is in the path.

    Thoughts, please?


  • @pktm I have seen your post, and will try your scenario, to see if anything if broken with the Sdk.

    Can I ask what OS you are using, and if you are trying to compile the standard project template?

  • Hi again,

    If you create a new project using monomake - do you then have the issue?

    Like so:

    $ monomake version
    monomake version 1.7.3
    $ monomake project hello_world
    Creating new mono project: hello_world...
     * hello_world/app_controller.h
     * hello_world/app_controller.cpp
    Writing Makefile: hello_world/Makefile...
    Atom Project Settings: Writing Auto complete includes...
    $ cd hello_world
    $ make
    rm -f hello_world.elf mono_project.map
    rm -f -r build
    creating build directory
    Compiling C++: app_controller.cpp
    Compiling C++: Default main function
    Linking hello_world.elf

    What output do you get - if not this?

  • @stoffera So sorry. My mono make was seriously out of date, and I didn't realize it. Thank you!

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