Mono TFT Display

  • Just got the Mono maker in the mail. Anxious to try a few things. A little disappointed there is not a capacitive display and opted for the resistive. That will limit what I had planned but will see what it will take to work around that limitation. Thanks

  • Hi @james-a-shepard I share your wish for a capacitive display. We would also really have liked a capacitive display. However, the price for a capacitive display to use in Mono was too high for our price tag.

    When we got the Kickstarter funding, we had a lot of talk and worked to find a reasonable priced capacitive display. Unfortunately there were no good options. So we had to go with resistive.

    I hope you will still be able to achieve your planned ideas - even though the display is resistive. Can I ask what your plans are? Maybe I can help answering any questions, that arise.

    Happy hacking :-)

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