Christmas Update

  • Hi all, it has been a while since you heard from us. Allow us a quick heads up message on how and what Mono is doing.

    Two year anniversary

    At Dec. 18th 2014 we were successfully funded on Kickstarter, and its already been two years now. A lot is learned and burned since then.

    So what happend in those two years? First of all, we got quite delayed. After all things just takes longer then you expect them to. Of course we underestimated the complexities in Mono's design, of course we had to keep pushing our manufactures for goods waiting and lastly, shipping about a thousand packages our the door alround the world is time consuming.

    That said, we really think we got something special in Mono. Despite new DIY electronic projects popping up on crowdfuncding sites, we have still have not seen anything like Mono. Mono lets your get detached from the power chord, and that is important if you want to use it in the world beyond the desktop.


    Today, we annouce our first graphical user interface based app: Monomake UI. It gives our console app monomake a nice and friendly user interface. We hope to engage some of you who might have given up, realizing that hacking the terminal was just too much. We are also working on a one-click install solution that installs Mono apps with one click inside MonoKiosk.

    We have given our tool-chain a lot of attension, such that we acchive Arduino-like simplicity with regards to installing the SDK and compiling and installing apps on Mono.


    Speaking of Arduino, we have just released an updated Arduino IDE plug-in. We must admit that this plug-in has been unintensionally stalled. But today it has been updated to run the same 1.5 SDK version as our native SDK.


    All completed Kickstarter projects speak about the hard times after a successful delivery to backers. Suddenly you need to find sales channels elsewhere, to keep going. This is where we are too. You can already buy Mono on RobotShop, and we are in talks with more distributers.

    To create some hype around Mono, we are working on publishing some technical articles on popular blogs in the near future. We wish to convey Mono's versatility and ease of use.


    We would love engagement from our backers and friends, and any contributions are welcome. Remember all our code and automatic build systems is open source on GitHub. Our community is alive and you can find many answers here with example code as well.

    Alright folk, that is our update. May you all have a Merry Chrismas and a happy new year.


    Andreas, Jens Peter, Lasse & Kristoffer

  • Debian SDK is Ready

    Finally, after resolving issues with a new Arm GCC release we have the Debian/Ubuntu SDK package ready.

    The Launchpad based GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain has been updated in Ubuntu Apt-Get to version 6.0, and we use version 5.2 in our SDK. Therefore we have to include Arm GCC within our OpenMono .deb package. This has increased the size of the package, but made the install process simpler. We no longer need to use an Ubuntu-only PPA (apt-get repository).

    Install OpenMono SDK 1.5 on Debian / Ubuntu

    Copy this into your terminal and run:

    $ curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

    This will fetch the Debian package, install it and all needed dependencies.

    Installing the GUI

    Like on MacOS and Windows, our Monomake UI app runs on Linux. But you need to install it separately. To do that you have to run: (After you have installed the SDK)

    $ sudo dpkg -i /usr/lib/openmono/mono-make_1.5.1_amd64.deb
    $ sudo apt-get -f -y install

    This will install the UI app on your Ubuntu desktop. (Debian is untested)

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