More than 1 app on Mono?

  • Hi all!

    Had my Mono delivered back in May, but didn't have the time before now to test it... Since I'm no fancy programmer, but still a bit tech savvy, I can't understand that I can't seem to find any useful info anywhere, the 2 links you reach from the box gives you either a tic-tac-toe, or some temperature app (which, besides, is way off, says 31 celsius where it hardly is 21!). I installed both of them, but hence the lack of info, they "seem" to overwrite each other, so if I install tic-tac-toe, the other app goes away, and so on. I had the idea, originally, that I could have a Mono on my fridge, install 3-4 apps, like calendars for the kids sports activities, grocery list etc - or could I just be wrong?


  • Hi @tommylarsen, great to hear you are playing around with Mono.

    Mono can have only 1 app installed at the time - hence the name mono. However, an app can be multifunction, like displaying calendars, weather and todo lists. But that is 1 app, implementing 3 functions.

    Mono does not have any operating system like an embedded Linux or Android. Applications run directly on the hardware. This means apps cannot co-exist along side each other.

    If you dont want to begin coding on your own, I would suggest our new weather app. We are working on adding more apps along the way, and refining those already out there. So bear with us for the lack of apps right now.

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