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  • Hi, I'm looking for a way to use the JTAG port for debugging purposes. Can you please point me to the specs for the integrated JTAG port (pin layout etc.) ? Is is following some standard ? What debugging hardware (JTAG interface) can I use on Linux ? Does debugging work via GNU dbg ?
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  • @christian.klemke said in Debug port:

    Hi, you can do real debugging with JTAG or SWD - however it is a bit cumbersome.

    Is is following some standard ? What debugging hardware (JTAG interface)

    Our Mono Shield Adaptor has ready made pads for soldering on a standard connector for the Cypress miniProg 3 programmer. In theory you should be able to use any SWD compatible programmer, but if you are not familiar with Cortex-M IAP and SWD in general - you should stick to the Cypress kit.

    Mono Shield Adaptor just exposes the pins for JTAG and SWD, but all the pins are available in Monos expansion connector. You can create your own female 50 mil pitch (0.05") pin header to attach to Mono, where JTAG and SWD is part of the layout.

    can I use on Linux ?

    Unfortunately not with Cypress miniProg 3 programmer, it is Windows only :-(. It only works from inside Cypress' IDE PSoC Creator.

    Does debugging work via GNU dbg ?

    miniProg 3 actually uses GDB. It has it's own GDB server and uses the default arm-none-eabi-gdb from their own GUI. I have tried to see if I could connect to the GDB server manually using gdb from command line, but no success.

    When I debug Mono I use PSoC Creator with a custom ELF file, and step through the dis-assembly - since PSoC Creator cannot map to the source :-(

    We should really form a common front, and put pressure on Cypress to create support for OpenOCD or just relate the commands for their GDB server.

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