How about HTTPS?

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    @aabinks asked about HTTPS for the possibility of interfacing with IFTTT.

    Mono is capable of using HTTPS if the wifi module is configured to use it. But it is not straight forward, since it requires you to provide your own public/private key-pair for the encryption handshake. The two certificates must then be transferred to the wifi module.

    We have not yet done this ourself, since our focus has been on just getting the wifi working. If anyone would like to code HTTPS support on your own, we will be happy to help you obtain the Low-level Programming manual for our Wifi Module.

  • I am interested in implementing this support.

  • I guess that would be a good place to start -- formerly called PolarSSL, it is a lightweight TLS/SSL implementation with a small footprint and APLv2 licensed, which should mix well with the MIT license used in OpenMono.

  • Hi @drew that is fantastic!

    In fact HTTPS is support by the redline module, so no TLS/SSL handling is needed in mono. But you need access to Redpine's documentation, by getting a user account on their website. You should send me your email in a PM and I will contact Redpine about access.

    ALso, we should talk about compiling Mono Framework :-)

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