Trying to call periodically a function, mono keep flashing

  • Hi,

    I've just tested the sample here :

    I've c/c the .h & .cpp files, but when I run "make install", mono is programmed and then its screen keep flashing over and over.

    Does anybody have encounter the same issue ?



  • I had an issue with a bigger program ... for me it was helpful to read the logoutput of mono:

    I think it happens if there is an runtime issue while startup ... but thats just my interpretation

  • I just spent three nights ripping my hair out over this issue.

    Try deleting build/mono_default_main.o and rebuilding.

    My guess is that if you have changed app_controller.h or app_controller.cpp, mono_default_main should also be rebuilt, but this isn't happening automagically.

  • Indeed, removing mono_defalt_main.o seems to do the trick!

    Nice catch ;-)


  • Hi all,

    First, @khchiang I hope my makefile has not left you completely bald headed :-)
    I have tried setting up the make system, such that changed dependencies are recompiled automatically. However I must admit that I have seen that changes to only header files will not trigger recompilation! The issue is on my todo list.

    Therefore: If changes are in only header files, with no changes to .cpp files - please do a make clean

    Flashing display

    This is a runtime exception / error. (@raute_at interpretation is indeed correct.) If the CPU encounters an invalid instruction (by executing data for example), or it tries to access protected memory, then a hardware exception is triggered. By default all exceptions are handled by a routine that flashes the display, and turns the User button into a software reset button. The code can be seen here.

    About mono_default_main.o

    This is just the default main() function, its content never changes. I guess compilers works in mysterious ways, since removing it has an effect.

    I hope this help to clarify the system. Please do not hesitate to ask, if you have something you been wondering about.

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