Install of openmono on windows destroys path settings

  • after installation of openmono i only have the following path entry:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenMono

    all others are gone.

  • @juergen-wissing-jrw , hmmm that is quite strange. We use the NSIS installer framework to append to the systems PATH variable.
    On our Windows test VMs we cannot recreate the issue. The our path is appended as expected. Do you have a lot of additions in your PATH variable?

    If there is any NSIS experts out there, our installer script code is here:

  • Sorry, but you were the first suspect after inspecting the path variable and finding only openmono items.
    It was probably the anaconda3 python distribution which emptied the path variable and openmono was the first installation after that.
    I remember that anaconda complaint about a long path entry some time before.

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