Good repository for underlying documentation?

  • It's been a long time since I've been programming, so consider this a newbie question :-)

    It appears to me that the openmono framework builds on top of standard classes i c++(?) For example, lists "a set of global constant predefined colors", but does not list all of them. Also, some documentation mentions parameters/properties that are not documented (e.g. mentioning text size, color and background).

    Is there a good repository with documentation of standard classes not developed specifically for mono, where I can find such documentation?

  • Hi @martinmanscher,

    I have been documenting some of the code - but I still need to go through it and make sure we documented all functions and classes. It's a huge task, so bear with me if it takes some time.

    About standard C++ classes, then we do not rely on C++'s standard template library - or at least - as little as possible. The reason is that it might not be a good idea in embedded development.

    The Mono Framework classes you are referring to exists only in Mono Framework. However, they do the same as classes in many existing frameworks like .NET or Cocoa.

    If you have any questions about classes and their functions, please do not hesitate to post them here.

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