Arduino IDE board package is coming

  • I am working to finalize the Arduino IDE board package for Mono. I expect it will be available friday or during the weekend.

    I will post here when I have any news.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Pre Release of Arduino IDE Board Extension

    We have released a board extension prerelease package and updated the the Arduino Guide on

    These API's still needs to be implemented:

    • SPI communication
    • Analog I/O ( including PWM)

  • New Arduino Board Package Release (1.1)

    We have added a new release of our board package for Arduino IDE. Since the package is quite new we are still exploring the best release and deployment procedures. So if you already have installed our board package, than upgrading require you to manually delete the old.

    This new release has changed its URL

    The previous release (version 0.8) has its version number included in the URL, which was a mistake. The new release exist on a generic URL:

    We replaced 0.8 with current in the URL.


    To upgrade to the new version you first must exit any running instance of Arduino IDE. Then follow these steps:

    1. Delete the installed package files:
      1. On Mac navigate to ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/ and delete the folder OpenMono and its contents.
      2. On Windows: navigate to C:\Users\[YOUR_USER]\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages and delete the folder OpenMono and its contents.
    2. Open Arduino IDE again
    3. Open the Arduino's Preferences window
    4. Change the Additional Boards Manager URLs to the new URL, as listed above.
    5. Close Preferences and open the Board Manager.
    6. Install Mono again.

    Now you should have version 1.1. You can also choose to install any older version, if you like.

    Windows Serial Driver

    The Board Package cannot automatically install the required serial port driver (Windows only). Before Arduino IDE can talk to Mono, you must first install the driver. Download here.

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